All my shoes are Boogie Shoes

Ballet dancers wear ballet shoes. Tap dancers wear tap shoes. Many other dancers, such as flamenco dancers, wear some form of dancing shoes. In the 1970s, a Miami group called KC & the Sunshine Band had a long series of hits, including a song called “Boogie Shoes,” released in 1978 at the height of the disco era. (For those who don’t know the meaning of “boogie,” the word was coined in 1930 and it means to dance, to party, and to get going. Most people use “boogie” to refer to fast dancing, particularly to rock and roll music.) Many people who listen to “Boogie Shoes” may believe boogie shoes are of a certain variety and, while that might be true for some people, it is not true for me. I love to dance, and when I hear a dance song, regardless of where I am, who I am with, or what I am doing, the shoes I am wearing immediately become my boogie shoes. I can be wearing flip flops (which usually get kicked off my feet quickly, all the better for dancing!), high heels, sneakers, boots, or any other shoes for that matter, and as soon as the dance music plays, I boogie. To me, any music that is in 4/4 time, has a groovy bass line, has a bass drum being pounded on by a drummer, and usually, a cool melody, is a dance song to which boogieing is required. I can’t imagine sitting still while listening to music, especially when it is being played live. My feet just can’t stay still! It doesn’t matter to me if I am riding in a car, eating at a posh restaurant, using the facilities in a public restroom, in the airport, or wherever else I may be, rock and roll brings on the boogie! I can always hear the background music above the din of voices in a loud place; if I hear a good song, I will divert my attention away from the usually boring conversation taking place to follow the groove. I like to dance, I like to boogie, and ALL my shoes are boogie shoes!

We attended a concert by KC & The Sunshine band recently. Their music was ubiquitous in the 70s and 80s. Not my favorite type of music, but I’ll be honest, the show was fun. From the pre-show festivities, including dancers in costume as we entered the hall, through the show with lots of energetic dancers, it was fun to hear, watch, and photograph (see They showed us how to get down and boogie. But, while Melissa was dancing in her seat (and out of it), I didn’t move, at least not much. As said elsewhere, my feet don’t seem to move much. Maybe a little toe-tapping, but not much else. I don’t feel like it detracts from my enjoyment. I do have some party shoes, bright multi colored, boat shoe like Crocs – yes, Crocs. Few would call them boogie shoes! But I’ll get by while Melissa boogies for the both of us.

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