Thanks Mindi!

Melissa and I had the pleasure to watch a live stream concert recently – a full band concert of Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers. They played Mindi’s new CD, “The Best of Mindi Abair.” We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Mindi in concert a few times. She puts on a great show! Mindi is a wonderful musician (saxophone and vocals), but her energy and stage presence are equally part of her appeal (it doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful also). She has a great smile, and always seems happy and upbeat. Infectious comes to mind. She brings a happiness infection. In a pandemic world, we need some happiness; Mindi has supplied that. She has put on many virtual shows and concerts over the last year, many from her backyard or house (even though she’s a Florida girl, she now lives in California; her beach view is wonderful). Prior to the pandemic, we had never watched a streamed concert, we didn’t really know how. But, Melissa and I love Mindi and we miss live music, so we gave it a try. Some of the shows involved a wine lesson from her husband, Eric, and that was fun too. It turned out to be fun to “attend” a concert this way. Mindi’s spirit made it fun. And, we it was something that many of us needed, badly. She sings a song and tells a story that she’s been told she’s “pretty good for a girl.” I’d just say, she’s damn good, in many ways. Her efforts have helped many of us though the musical doldrums of COVID-19. Thank you Mindi! You rock!

I share David’s sentiment: Thanks, Mindi!  And, thanks, Eric!  David and I have spent countless hours during the pandemic watching Mind Abair’s live streamed concerts.  Most of them involve her, solo, but others have included some of her famous and talented friends and band mates.  In these times when many musicians and other performers are out of work, Mindi Abair has found a creative way to share her music with her fans, including David and me.  We have seen Mindi perform live several times and of course, nothing can replace the energy and excitement of attending a live concert, but during the long period when we were staying home, it was wonderful to “attend” a virtual concert by watching Mindi’s performances on our TV.  Mindi Abair is, like David and me, a native Floridian.  She is from southwest   Florida, and coincidentally, from the same area where my friend and bass guitar teacher, Phill Fest, lived for many years.  This small world connection is fun! I am looking forward to the time when David and I will be comfortable attending concerts in person.  I miss the huge arenas, as well as the intimate clubs, where we have gone to hear live music.  Seeing Mindi Abair perform live, in concert, is at the top of my list when we start going to shows again.  Until then, Mindi, keep rocking!  


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