Champagne on 1st

David and I celebrate life. If we look around, there is something to celebrate every day. One event David and I have always celebrated is our anniversary. We were married on New Year’s Day, January 1. We selected January 1 because it is a holiday and, therefore, we would never have to work on our anniversary (pretty clever, if I say so myself!). Since then, we have celebrated our anniversary not only on January 1st, but on the first day of every month. Our celebrations always involve champagne. And, although we usually splurge on “the good stuff” on January 1st, our monthly celebrations involve inexpensive champagne. In addition, if we are traveling, our celebrations often involve inexpensive champagne consumed from a plastic cup. For David and me, a celebration does not have to be fancy or expensive to be meaningful. It is more important to us to commemorate our anniversary by drinking inexpensive champagne in a plastic cup in a faraway hotel room than to wait until a perfect moment comes along. And, although I love mathematics, I am not going to calculate the number of bottles of champagne we have enjoyed during our monthly celebrations. The point of this post is make the most out of every day. And, as David’s mom used to instruct us, “Have fun!”.

The sound of the pop of a cork always brings a smile to our faces.  Opening our many bottles of champagne (or non-French “sparkling wine”) has made me pretty good at it.  I have only had a cork fly away 1 or 2 times in all these years.  We try to keep well stocked so that we can be sure to have some bubbles available on the 1st of each month (or, as close to the 1st as possible).  And, you never know when a bottle of bubbly will come in handy to celebrate something else.  Living and working together has many advantages.  But, it does create some stresses.  Doing what we do, with the frequent travel and long research days, is often exhausting.  Having a reason to celebrate at least once a month has been a good way to remind ourselves to balance life, work and play.  Taking the time to commemorate our monthly anniversary is a little thing that adds some fun to the challenges of life.  

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