Nothing To Do Except Write a Book

With Magnus’ long term business downturn related to the pandemic and its hugely negative impact on the court system in the U.S.A., I have found myself with little work to do. Although David is busy trying to find new clients and cases, handling routine administrative duties, and operating our business, my job consists primarily of working on cases for which we have been retained. Thus, during times when we have no clients who are paying for our services, I have nothing or almost nothing to do. (Sure, I could call or email clients to say, “Hey, do you have any work for Magnus to do?” but I have never found that to be particularly productive.) As anyone who knows me is aware, I like to work and I dislike having no work to do. I can do things other than work, such as play the bass guitar or piano, read a book, or go to the beach, but these types of pursuits become tiresome for me within a short time. Therefore, instead of sitting around, worrying about when our next case will be, I decided to occupy my time by writing a book. I have authored 3 books and numerous articles and I guarantee that writing is a great way to pass the time! For many years, I have wanted to write a book about the relationship between 2 subjects I enjoy. In addition, I have another book topic that is waiting for me to explore. I won’t divulge the topic of my book in this post, but suffice it to say, I am excited about the possibilities it presents. I have planned each of the 12 chapters and outlined the subject matter within each one. I have also written the prologue. I have lots of work to do, but when time allows, I will keep writing until one day, there is a new book for people to read! Gardening, pickleball, and other trivial pursuits may be great for some people, but I am not among them. Instead, I think I’ll write another book!

Melissa stayed home recently to get a few things done, work and otherwise. I had little idea what she was planning to do that day so, when I asked what she’d been up to that evening, I smiled when she responded that she’d been planning her latest book.  Not many people can say that, but she can.  And, I wasn’t surprised to hear the response.  I was pleased really because it is a topic she’s mentioned many times over many years.  But, finding a block of time to even outline the chapters is hard to do.  Melissa is methodical and precise when she writes anything, including these posts.  But, the topic she has chosen is much more complicated than these posts and she will be blending science and human experience in some interesting ways. As a lifelong observer of human behavior, she is uniquely positioned to do so.  I support her endeavors of this sort.  It is a good for the brain and intrinsically rewarding.  Maybe we can find a way to make it extrinsically rewarding.  One of her books can be ordered on Amazon – search “Melissa Pigott.”  That’s a fun read, even if hasn’t sold a million copies.  Of course, I hope that our “real work” will pick up and her available time for writing will again be limited.  But, I think one thing the pandemic has taught us is to make the best use of the time and resources at hand.  Therefore, I hope she’ll carve out some time to tackle this exciting project.

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