1000 in 10 Years!

Believe it or not, this is David’s and my 1000th post! Our twice weekly blog began on June 19, 2013. It is hard to believe 10 years have passed and 1000 posts have been written. As with all things, there is a time to begin and a time to end and this post will be our last. We have been through many changes in the last 10 years, including the passing of several original subscribers, Carole and Herman, David’s parents; Dr. Fran Kinne, David’s mentor and dear friend; and one of my lifelong friends, Chris. We have also moved both our home and office; endured a work slow down and other inconveniences related to the COVID-19 pandemic; traveled to some amazing locations, including Greece and Great Britain, where we went inside Studio 2 at Abbey Road (maybe the best day of my life!); hosted a lot of friends and family in our home; attended way too many concerts to count; enjoyed our boat, then sold it; sharing our lives with one, then another, Siamese cat; all the while documenting some parts of our lives in these posts. I have hundreds of topics on the list I began in 2013, but for now, they will remain unwritten. It has been a (mostly) fun experience writing these posts with David, but 1000 in 10 years seems like a good ending. Many thanks for reading our blog! Peace, love, and happiness to you.

Some of these blogs have “written themselves” while others caused me to think a bit more.  We’ve tried to cover a range of topics about life and work. And, specifically we’ve discussed our work with trial lawyers which is always interesting!  Melissa came up with the idea of this blog and the title, “2’s Company” from which came the Magnus Insights website.  We’ve tried to provide our insights and we know some topics are more salient than others, depending on the reader and where they are in their life at the time.  I’ve often been the one lagging and not having written blogs until the last minute.  But, we have made it work, 2 times a week for 10 years!  Another of our milestones.  I don’t know if I am out of new ideas for which these posts have been an outlet, sometimes to let me or us vent, other times because getting our minds around a thought or event benefitted by us writing down our thoughts.  I know I haven’t written all of the topics I’ve thought of and put on our running list.  There are probably over 100 I never got to.  Whether we’ll find ways to add to our posts remains to be seen.  Maybe we’ll add to it and the website will live for a while to be sure the 1000 posts live on.  Thanks for joining us for this adventure!

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