About Magnus

The writers of this blog are the co-founding partners of Magnus Research Consultants, Inc., and Magnus Graphics, Inc.

Magnus Research provides jury research and trial consulting services for civil and criminal litigation. Magnus’ research is customized, on a case specific basis, to maximize the results of litigation. Magnus provides liability and damages assessments as well as recommendations for mediation, arbitration, or trial strategy based on the outcome of mock jury, or other fact finder, research.  Magnus scientifically evaluates jurors or fact finders (arbitrators, mediators) responses to case issues by using attitude surveys, focus groups, mock trials, and mock arbitrations to develop case strategies, themes, voir dire questions, and more. Voir dire consultation and witness preparation are also available.   Magnus’ provides Insights for Successful Litigation®.

Magnus Graphics provides technical and graphic design of exhibits and mediation and trial presentations, including electronic presentations. The Magnus Graphics advantage is derived from utilizing our recommendations for what the jury or other fact finders need to see based on scientific research results.

Magnus has considerable experience in providing case strategy consultation services in many types of litigation. Magnus has worked on cases throughout the United States, in both federal and state courts.  The Magnus team takes pride in providing quality work.  Please visit www.magnusweb.com for more information.

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