About Us

Dr. Melissa Pigott is a social psychologist who has been working as a trial and litigation consultant for many years. Dr. Pigott is married to her business partner, David Fauss, and was married to him well before they began working together. The litigation consulting business requires frequent travel to wherever the trial will take place, operation of a small business, management of employees, and still having the brain power to help high level attorneys with their challenging litigation. Before Dr. Pigott became a psychologist, internationally known researcher, and trial/litigation consultant, she was a musician. Her love of music includes playing the bass guitar in rock and roll bands, attending as many concerts as her busy schedule will allow, and listening to all types of music, from today’s heavy metal, to soul/Motown, to classic rock, to jazz. Her insights, offered along with Mr. Fauss in this series of short articles, include tips for owning and operating a small business, travel suggestions, maximizing personal time, and general advice for living life. Her basic advice is: “Loud is good.”

David Fauss is trial consultant and photographer. He earned his Master of Science in Business at Georgia Tech following a year in a M.B.A. program in Sydney, Australia. He spent over a year out of the U.S. in Australia, New Zealand, and on an extended European tour. His graduate business education focused on organizational behavior – workplace psychology. David graduated from Jacksonville University where he triple majored in Management, Marketing, and Photography. He has used his marketing and business education in both the consulting realm and as a photographer. As one of the 2 partners at Magnus, he is responsible for the business side of the practice. David enjoys boating, shooting (usually at skeet), traveling, wildlife photography and other outdoor activities. His photography endeavors also include photographing courthouses throughout Florida resulting in an annual Courthouses of Florida™ calendar and a website of photographic art, www.courthousesofflorida.com.

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