Check SPAM for Treasure

I was recently reminded that email systems are far from infallible. I was purging email in my spam folder when I found an email from a prospective client asking for a proposal for mock jury research. The email was sent via OUR OWN WEBSITE through the “contact us” form. But, despite being sent from my domain to my domain, it went to SPAM!!! We tested this contact form when we set it up and it worked; something changed. Needless to say, we’ve fixed this problem, but the reminder it sent to me is that we have to keep our eyes open. This particular attorney is young and is of the generation who use computers, websites, and the like more than our “traditional” clients. He expected the system to work – and so do I, but this was a reminder that I have to make sure it does! I couldn’t believe I found this important email in SPAM. And, I wonder if I have missed other, similar, messages. Fortunately, I found it only a couple days after he sent it and I was able to reach him quickly, as if nothing happened. We got the job, did the work, and all is well in that regard. But, one has to ensure that one’s own technology is working for, not against, you!

Until this experience, I have never liked Spam.  When David and I have visited Hawai’i, we noticed the popularity of the canned meat type of Spam, which is prevalent in many restaurants.  But, the kind of Spam to which David refers is the computer variety that most computer users despise for its pesky intrusiveness.  Since David checked his “Spam folder,” only to find a legitimate inquiry from a potential client, I have a new respect for lowly Spam.  Not only did David check his Spam folder in a timely fashion, allowing him the opportunity to respond to the attorney’s inquiry about retaining Magnus, David’s skills as an excellent spokesperson on our behalf persuaded the attorney to retain us instead of the companies with which we were competing for the case.  We were retained for mock jury research and soon afterwards, for jury selection.  We made 2 out of state trips to perform first, the mock jury research, then second, jury selection, leading to considerable revenue for Magnus.  The case was extremely challenging and on a tight time frame.  Not only did our clients ultimately prevail at trial, we made some new, loyal clients due to all of our excellent work.  Kudos to David for Spam checking!  Not all Spam is bad; I now know this from personal experience!

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