Clipped Wings

Due to recent world events, most people’s lives have changed in ways that would, previously, have been unimaginable. Although some of my retired friends and family members tell me that they stayed home, often alone, before the pandemic and thus, haven’t noticed many changes in their daily lives, the rest of us have noticed lots and lots of changes. Most of my employed friends used to work in offices, stores, restaurants, etc. and many of them are now working from their homes. The people I know who are working from home rarely go outside their home, yard, and neighborhood. They often have other family members who do the shopping and complete other errands, while they stay safely ensconced in what some people refer to as their “bubble.” For people like me, who used to travel on a frequent basis, our world has also diminished, but in a different way. For example, I have been a road and sky warrior for over 30 years. Until recently, I have not been employed in a job in which I went from my home to my office, then from my office to my home, on a daily basis. In addition, I have never prepared dinner, not to mention breakfast and lunch, very often. I have been “someplace other than here,” including on an airplane, in a courthouse, in a hotel, or in another faraway location. The repetition involved in following a daily routine is something that works fine for some people, but not for me. I feel as if my wings have been clipped, forcing me to stay grounded, for way too long. Here’s hoping I will be able to pack my suitcase, grab my briefcase, and wear a suit before too long. Other people may be happy staying home, but I’ve got places to go!

Melissa and I have posted much about travel for work or pleasure, including a list of places we’ve been ( And, we have generally enjoyed our travels.  Sure, it is tiring and stressful, but the rewards are many.  Our work requires travel to the trial venue so that our case assessments are conducted based on people who live in those places. And, business travel, and personal travel, give us chances to explore and see or learn new things.  As with the recent post on learning, we learn about places, and the people who live there, by visiting those places.  Sure, we can learn from reading about those places or people, but someone had to go there to write about it.  Might as well experience it first hand.  We recently spent the weekend at a beach hotel less than 2 hours from home.  And, we journeyed there and back on roads less traveled, seeing parts of Florida, some towns, and communities, that we barely knew existed.  After months of being restricted, it felt like we were getting away with something by making this short road trip.  We need to get on the road, but we’re biding our time until that can be done a little more safely or regularly.  In the meantime, we are partially packed (we always are) and have masks at the ready!  

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