Customers: Happier when they leave

We recently visited with our friend Ms. Debbie at Sweet Delights in Homestead. During our conversation, she commented that she wants her customers to be happier when they leave than when they arrived. She has much to offer in that regard with her wonderful cakes and pies, which are truly sweet delights. Her effervescent personality adds to the equation and many of her customers become friends because of it. Her concept though, of customers being happier after coming to her shop applies to any business, especially a small business. In our business, customers, to whom we refer as clients, come to us with problems, or questions to be answered. Simply stated, their question is how good, or bad, is this case I’m litigating? Their engagement of our services costs much more than a pie (or even 1000 pies) and takes place over several weeks, maybe months, or even years. But, I think it is safe to say, that after becoming customers/clients of Magnus, they end up in a better position than when they came to us. They are more confident, more informed, and better prepared to litigate their case, and to resolve it in mediation, trial, or arbitration. The process helps their clients with the required decisions and strategies as well. I don’t know whether I can say they leave happier, as Debbie can, but I do know they are satisfied in knowing they have data to get the case resolved in the best possible fashion. That is, I think all of our clients are pleased, satisfied, or happy with our work. It is just that, sometimes, their cases are not what they hoped they could be. They may be better or worse, but at least we have shone some light on what the upside or downside of the case may be so that they can do what needs to be done to resolve it. I hope, knowing they have obtained the best outcome, means they are happier after engaging us.

Magnus is in the trial consulting business, not the bakery business.  Our clients come to us to obtain our expert assistance in solving significant problems, not because they want something sweet to eat.  However, despite the vast differences between Magnus and Ms. Debbie’s company, Sweet Delights, we share a common goal: Keeping the customer satisfied.  In fact, this goal is paramount for anyone who owns, manages, or works in a business of any type.  Without satisfied customers or clients, there really isn’t much purpose in working in any business, particularly, a service based business such as ours.  Magnus depends on repeat business from satisfied clients, as well as referrals from satisfied clients to new clients, in order to stay open.  The only way for us to guarantee satisfaction among our clients is to provide excellent work on their behalf.  Retaining Magnus is not like buying a key lime pie, but we know we have done our jobs properly when we receive compliments, referrals, and other accolades from our clients.  What is our secret for success?  It is providing personal attention to every client, regardless of the type of case on which we work, in the form of social science research that is customized to meet their needs on the specific case for which they have retained us.  Many of Magnus’ competitors use a “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” approach to their clients’ cases, similar to the way in which Ms. Debbie’s competitors bake pies and cakes in mass quantities, without putting the special ingredient, love, into their baked goods.  Just as the consumer of Ms. Debbie’s pies is guaranteed to be delighted, Magnus guarantees that 100% of its clients will learn something valuable that, absent our help, they would never have learned.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

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