Fort Myers connection & Magnus: Mike Corso

In a recent post, David wrote about a client who verbally and physically assaulted him when David made a “courtesy call” to this attorney’s office without an appointment. As David mentioned, this has never happened in our decades of doing business. In fact, most clients are happy to have us stop by for an impromptu visit when we are in their city, with one client, Mike Corso, in my hometown of Fort Myers, Florida, generously offering to allow David and me complete access to his law firm when we are in town. Mike has always invited us to stop by for a chat, or a cup of coffee, and while are there, to use a conference room, a telephone, or any other office amenities available in his large law firm. Mike Corso has been a client of Magnus’ for many years. We met him in our early days of business at an educational seminar Magnus conducted at his law firm (that was set up by a long time friend of my brother’s who is also a partner in the firm). Mike Corso has the distinction, unique among our clients, or anyone else I know, for that matter, of being a highly effective litigation attorney, a major league baseball scout, and… a rocket scientist! A bona fide rocket scientist! Mike has achieved numerous accolades in each of these very different realms of his professional life. Needless to say, he is one of the most intelligent attorneys for whom Magnus has ever worked. (Not to mention super cool; did I mention he is a rocket scientist?) But, intelligence aside, Mike has always managed to be polite, accommodating, and pleasant to work with, even when we are working on cases that are high profile and involve clients with extremely challenging issues. Mike Corso is proof that it is possible to have “the right stuff” and be a great human being!

Melissa and I obviously admire those clients about whom we have posted recently. These posts are about clients whom we have gotten to know in ways beyond the lawsuits and clients for whom they are working. Mike is remarkable to us in how multi dimensional he is. Because of his expertise in engineering, we first got to know him on construction related cases. Engineers are schooled in the “hard sciences”; Mike is able to learn from psychology, one of the “soft sciences,” because he knows the value of actionable data. He knows how to use data in whatever form it takes. And, because of his knowledge of sports, baseball in particular, he has represented very high profile professional athletes. These cases must be handled with great sensitivities and many personal touches. Working with Mike on these issues has been educational for all of us. We have learned from him and, at the same time, we have been able to help him help his clients. It is obvious why he is a go to lawyer for athletes who need his special counsel. And, it fascinating to discuss developing issues in the law (lately, “drone” aircraft). As a former Air Force fighter pilot, he knows his way around a cockpit. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are a new world and as the FAA and others attempt to get a grip on what should be, pardon the pun, allowed to fly, Mike is keeping up with the developments so that he can help others with an interest in exploring new technologies. And, in all of this, he performs his job(s) with professionalism and enthusiasm. It is always a pleasure to work with Mike because of all of these factors. He is another one of our “good guys!”

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