From December, 2007 through January, 2008, my husband and I spent one glorious month in Hawai’i. We were able to celebrate two milestones, a wedding anniversary and a “big” birthday (mine) while we were there; these events were, of course, the reasons for this fantastic trip. Due to the fact that my husband and I own our business, we had to work during the time we were in Hawai’i, however, with proper planning and recognition of differences in time zones between our office and where we were spending our month away, we were able to keep work related responsibilities to manageable levels. For the most part, our employees handled things at the office while we were gone and no emergencies arose in our absence. In addition, my wonderful mother-in-law took care of both my ailing mother and my spouse’s and my cat during our month of bliss in Hawai’i. This experience was truly a “once in a lifetime” event we will never forget and never again experience. Our month in Hawai’i was filled with enriching experiences, foremost among them was attending a Jake Shimabukuro concert while we were on Mau’i. We also attended a slack key guitar concert, as well as other local events including a farmers’ market unlike anything we had ever seen. We will always be enlightened from the amazing experiences we had during our one month away from reality. Thank you Hawai’i for the best month of my life!

Being able to do something like we did, spending a month in Hawai’i, is one of the major benefits of owning the company.  Though it is true in some countries that 4 week vacations are the norm, it is not so in the U.S.A.  Thus, being able to get away and absorb the culture is a luxury often only available to workers who are self employed.  The trip was very positive and has had lasting benefits in terms of fostering a broader understanding of the vast cultural differences even within our 50 states!  And, two other things made this trip possible.  Technology – being able to connect via the internet both for email and to the server to prepare a few proposals while we were away was the biggest reason we were able to be out of the office for an extended period.  Emails from the employees also kept us in the loop and, with smart phones, we could read the emails and respond via email or by calling the office or the clients as needed (though there are some remote places in Hawai’i where phone signals are iffy at best!)  The other thing that made it possible was the solid, well trained, staff we had during this time.  Making sure they knew our expectations and needs enabled them to help us make the most of the time away – thanks be to them!

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