Holiday Plans

I’m writing this near year end, but as is often the case, things are hectic as we wrap up the work for the year, and prepare for work early in the new year. Melissa and I have diligently tried for all these years to treat the last 2 weeks of the year as a break, a vacation. We also have to consider the mock jurors’ availability and we know that we can’t do mock juries at this time because the panels won’t be representative. It’s a good time to recharge and prepare for the new year. I find it interesting as I discuss these plans with clients and listen to their plans. Many, like us, know this is not the most productive time of the year so, they too, take time off. I was talking with a client yesterday who is planning a family trip and hoping not to have to work. He told me last year he was doing remote work, “zoom” hearings and depositions almost to Christmas Day. Just because we can work that way doesn’t mean we have to do so to justify our work existence. In fact, Melissa, as a psychologist, and I, with my organizational behavior background, would argue that a break/vacation is a healthy thing. Something we humans need. That said, it has been interesting over the years that some of our clients don’t take a break, but their work routine changes. The end of year time becomes catch up time. We had 1 client who called to retain us the day after Christmas 2 or 3 years in a row. I’ll take that kind of present even if I have to explain I’ll get the proposal done January 2! Happy Holidays!

David and I often work on holidays and during vacations.  Our business, and the world of litigation, don’t close just because we are not in the office.  I have distinct memories of: (1) doing an intake on a new case on Christmas Eve, in my mom’s Florida room, mere minutes before we opened our gifts: (3) talking to a client, who insisted on speaking with me that day, from the balcony of my hotel room in Maui, while looking at the Pacific Ocean; (3) talking with several clients while on a family vacation in Fort Myers Beach, when everyone else was taking a boat ride (in my boat!); (4) talking to a client from a loud, seedy, smoky bar on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras because he just had to call at exactly that moment; (5) traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday to a small town, staying in a mom and pop motel, for a jury selection on the Monday after the holiday weekend; (6) being stuck in a small town airport on my birthday, celebrating with a hot dog from the concession stand; and many more.  Magnus lost a client many years ago when he got mad at me because I refused to cancel a trip to Australia to help him at the last minute.  Oh well!  I don’t mind helping people on my days off, but even I have limits and being in Australia is one of them!  Here’s hoping we have lots of work to do during all the times David and I are not in Australia!  Happy Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  Happy Kwanzaa!  Happy New Year!  Happy happy happy!

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