I like my cat better than you

I like my cat better than you. There, I said it! Regardless of who “you” are, in all likelihood, I will say, in all truthfulness, that I prefer my cat to almost anyone, including “you.” The first time David became painfully aware that I am not joking when I say this was soon after we started dating. At that time, I had a cat named Ziggy Stardust (about whom I wrote and published a book) who was 9 years old. Ziggy and I had been together for the entire 9 years of his life, except for his life as a young kitten with his mother. Ziggy was, at the time, and for the remainder of his 19 year life, my “main man.” He was my friend, my adventure cat, and while human men and women came in and out of my life, Ziggy remained my constant companion. I explained to David that, if he did not meet with Ziggy’s approval, there would be no future in our relationship because it would be he, not Ziggy, who would not be around much longer. Needless to say, Ziggy adored David and we enjoyed life together until Ziggy’s passing 10 years later. Since the time of Ziggy’s passing, there have been other cats in David’s and my lives: Sammo, Ron, Gizmo, and now, Rex. Although none of these cats lived until they were 19, all of them became more a part of our family than our human family members and certainly, a more important part of our circle of friends than our human friends. People who do not like cats have no idea what I am talking about; perhaps they believe I am eccentric or something far worse, but I have never, ever been lied to by my cat; I have never had my feelings hurt by my cat; I have never relied upon, then been let down by my cat; I have never had anything stolen by my cat (if you don’t count the missing chess piece that Ziggy somehow hid from me); and, in general, I have never been disrespected or treated badly by my cat. So, if I ever meet anyone who has all of the positive traits of my cat, combined with none of the negative traits of almost everyone I know, maybe I will change my ways. Until then, I will continue to prefer my cat!

Melissa is a cat lady, probably not as crazy as some, but a cat lady nonetheless. I did pass the Ziggy test. And, he was fun – entertaining. I knew him for a little more than ½ of his life and have many fond memories. Prior to meeting, and living with him, I was not a cat person. I grew up with outdoor cats, and knew a few indoor ones, but I was never fond of the indoor ones. Ziggy changed that. And, his successors, one at a time, have found ways to get their paws, and claws, further into me. Melissa and I have some solid friendships. And, some long term friendships. But the long term relationships with furry friends, feline, canine, and perhaps other, contain an unconditional bond that is satisfying and rewarding in ways human interactions sometimes are not. That is, as long as you feed them on time! The purring, the friendly greetings, the wagging tails (okay, not with cats) are simple rewards. As strong our friendships are, it is our resident feline who is the one who greets us every night, who looks happy to see us, and who shares our lives 24/7.

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