I’m pretty fast myself

One of my favorite things to say is. “I’m pretty fast myself.” This quote didn’t originate with me. As usual, it is a line from a song, this time, from “Better Not Look Down” by B. B. King. The day I am writing this post is my first day back at work since David and I went to Memphis to celebrate David’s birthday. Although B. B. King was born in Berclair, Mississippi, and grew up in Indianola, Mississippi, he is often associated with Memphis, where he moved to pursue his dream of a career in music. There is a B. B. King Boulevard in Memphis, as well as a B.B. King Blues Club restaurant on Beale Street. Thus, B. B. King is on my mind today, more than ever. I’ve quoted the lyric, “I’m pretty fast myself,” in previous posts, including one entitled “Better Not Look Down.” As anyone who knows me will attest, I have always been ahead of the game; faster than almost anyone else, including on the playground as a child; and usually, the first person to complete a timed task. I have been told to slow down, but it’s not part of my nature to move at a turtle’s pace. Mom used to call me “Mario Andretti,” referring to my driving speed. In my early career as a trial consultant, I was criticized by more than one boss for working too fast. I guess they thought I was sacrificing accuracy and excellence for speed, but alas, they finally admitted that my fast work was superior to work performed by my slow moving colleagues. As B.B. King’s lyrics state, “I’ve been around and I’ve seen some things…I won’t say if it’s wrong or if it’s right. I’m pretty fast myself.” It’s fine with me if other people want to watch the same movie over and over, read the same book more than once, or eat the same food all the time, but as for me, I will keep moving on, as fast as I can go!

Melissa likes speed, in addition to working fast.  She drove a Corvette, fast, for many years.  More than any other car she’s had.  But it fit her personality as did subsequent cars, several of which had propensities for speed that were less obvious than the Vette.  Her perspective is full speed ahead, get things done, whether watering the houseplants or working on a client’s project.  Her speed reading skills are critical when clients send us hundreds, or sometimes, thousands, of documents.  Synthesizing those photos, videos, and written documents is critical to her consulting career and her speedy focus works to her advantage.  We don’t run at the same pace, but we do share the common goal of getting things done efficiently, with accuracy, while minding the many details we handle daily.  Thanks to B.B. for inspiring this post.  Memphis for my birthday was a treat.  But, sometimes you have to slow down and smell the barbeque.  It needs to be savored, not inhaled!

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