It’s a Big Job!

Melissa and I have mentioned we are undergoing a big home improvement project this year. It is not one we wanted to undertake: a new roof! We first heard “It’s a big job” when securing bids for the roof project. “It’s a big roof, it’s a big job….” Well, yes it is. Isn’t that great? It should mean more work for you, more money for you, the contractor. But more than one roofer opted out of our “big job.” They couldn’t figure out how to manage it. As the work progressed, we’ve had to engage a few contractors for related work. One of the more recent ones was a gutter contractor who we interviewed to replace the gutters torn off the house along with the old roof. He met Melissa early one Saturday morning and quickly said “It’s a big job” and turned down the work. This has amazed me. When we at Magnus get a big job, it’s a great day! We are excited. We figure out how to get it done. That may take considerable time, but we find a way. This is how we grow our expertise. This is how we help our lawyer clients help their clients achieve the best possible outcome. Melissa and I have spent considerable time and effort in maintaining a professional network which we can tap as needed. This is one of the ways we handle the big jobs. Overseeing large projects can be challenging, and exhausting, but they are also rewarding. Big jobs. Bring ‘em on.

I’m proud to say that, in almost 30 years of owning and operating Magnus, David and I have never had a job that was too big to accept.  When prospective clients ask me if I have ever worked on a “big” case, implying that I might not have the expertise to work on their case, I reply that I don’t know what they consider “big,” but the biggest case on which I have ever worked was an intellectual property case with $110 billion at stake.  I then add that I have worked on numerous other cases with damages in the billions of dollars, then I politely inquire as to whether their important case is worth more than $110 billion.  I am not bragging (keeping in mind that the late Jaco Pastorius, one of the world’s greatest bass players said “It ain’t bragging if it’s true”), however, I am most comfortable working on complex litigation involving topics which most people would find impossible to understand.  The more complex the case and the more money that’s at stake, the more interesting it is to me.  Although I am happy to work with clients on smaller cases, such as those involving auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, etc., the opportunity to delve into something complicated is far more exciting to me.  Added to my enjoyment is when Magnus’ engagement is sizable enough to warrant me performing statistical analyses of quantitative data.  It doesn’t get any better than that for me.  I appreciate being told that a certain job is too big for some people; I prefer them to opt out instead of being unable to perform the work that needs to be done.  As for me, I am happy to work on all clients’ cases, from small plaintiff’s personal injury cases to humongous intellectual property matters.  No case is too big for Magnus. 

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