Pie Power

John Lennon wrote a great song called “Power to the People.” Norman Vincent Peale wrote many books about the “power of positive thinking.” There are a lot of phrases, movements, and other social issues related to power. But, until recently, I had never considered Pie Power. What is Pie Power? Pie Power is my term for the ability of a pie, specifically, one type of pie, with the main ingredient of love, made by one very special person. David and I have written about this person, and her pies, before (https://magnusinsights.com/2017/06/why-buy-from-mom-pop/). There is a magical place, located in Florida City, the southernmost city in mainland Florida, called Sweet Delights. The owner of Sweet Delights is Ms. Debbie. Although Ms. Debbie bakes many types of pies and cakes, she is most famous for her amazingly delicious key lime pie. I have had many, many key lime pies in my life and there are none that come close to Ms. Debbie’s. I truly believe the primary difference between Ms. Debbie’s pies and everyone else’s is the amount of love she places inside each and every pie. To Ms. Debbie, a key lime pie is not just a tasty treat; rather, it is an expression of her love for people. David and I have known Debbie for many years. Stopping at her bakery is something we have done often and we have also taken several friends there. Visiting with Debbie is always a fun part of the pie shopping experience. She is a sweet delight, just like her pies! David and I recently ordered 12 key lime pies from Debbie, to give to some VIPs in our life, to celebrate the end of the stay at home order imposed during the recent pandemic. These VIPs are people who are dear friends and family who have gone out of their way to help David and me, and others, during the world crisis. Any guesses on the first recipient of Pie Power? This is an easy question: It was Megan! Of course it was! Thank you, Megan, and the other Pie Power recipients for all you do to help David and me! And, thank you, Ms. Debbie, for baking the most wonderful pies in the entire universe! Pie Power!

Pie Power – an excuse to bring a few smiles in turbulent times.  And, the times were turbulent when we (I should say when Melissa) conceived of the Pie Power pandemic loosening campaign.  Loosening of the restrictions, that is.  (Then the world got more turbulent; perhaps more pies are now needed.)  The tensions in the world through the pandemic have been palpable.  It has infected our daily lives, if not our bodies.  It is not as if it isn’t tough enough to get through a “normal” day, whatever that was.  But lately, the additional stressors have been tremendous.  With the loosening of the quarantine restrictions lifted, it seemed a good time to have a small celebration.  One that might require loosening of belts, but what the heck?  A little sweetness goes a long way!  Ms. Debbie’s pies bring the sweetness, along with the tart taste of key limes, together, which is very appropriate for these times.  But it is Ms. Debbie and the love she demonstrates in making her pies and cakes that resonate the most with Melissa and me.  She is proud to make such wonderful treats.  Her enthusiasm shows when we talk with her about the path from a career in nursing that led her to making the pies and cakes.  Bringing that happiness to others drives her to excellence.  She is an example for far more than baking!  She enjoys sharing positive vibes and love through her creations and we were excited to pay it forward.  Pie Power indeed!

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