RESPECT, addenda

We recently posted about RESPECT and used a couple of examples of how we were shown disrespect by our clients – “dissed” may be the current term for this. A friend (thanks Al) pointed out that the post might backfire if potential clients of ours were to think we’d post something negative about working with them. It just goes to show, people have different perspectives on things. With that said, to ensure the point of our post is understood, we are writing this follow up. The RESPECT point was not to shame the client (whom we did not name – and never will). The point was that, if you want someone to help you, show respect, show appreciation, and work as a team to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. We are pretty confident the person involved in the incidents we reported is not likely to read the prior blog, but even if she did, we’d be happy to have a discussion with her about how to be more productive in working with others. Unfortunately, I suspect her self monitoring skills are low and that lesson would be difficult for her. Self monitoring is critical for success in life – it involves being aware of how others perceive you and what you are doing. Clearly in this world, there are people who are successful and who do not care what others think of them. But, they are not good role models for the general world population. Much better to get through life and work by being considerate of others. Perhaps the point is summed up by the old adage of “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

Many thanks to my dear friend, Al Weigand, for pointing out that there are sometimes multiple interpretations, including some that are unintended, of things we write. Al is a thoughtful, deliberative person who, upon reading the post about RESPECT, cautioned me that it could be interpreted by potential clients of Magnus as having the intent of shaming and/or seeking revenge upon one of our clients. I was taken aback, however, upon re-reading what David and I wrote, I could see that Al’s point was valid. Neither David nor I will ever divulge the identity of this unpleasant client, nor will be reveal other clients who have mistreated the Magnus team in our decades of business. Fortunately for us, clients who have been at the extremely negative end of the nice versus mean spectrum have been few and far between. In fact, in my 3 decades of working with attorneys, I can count fewer than 10 who have made it into the “I will never work with again” category. It is my philosophy that life is too short to spend time with mean people, even if one is being paid by the mean people. I routinely avoid people and situations I dislike and I have no qualms whatsoever explaining why I am not going to attend certain functions, involving certain people. I have many friends, including numerous friends since childhood, and the primary reason I maintain a friendship with these people is that they are nice to me, they treat me with respect, and I enjoy being around them. I employ the same philosophy when operating Magnus. I surround myself with staff members and clients who are nice to me, who treat me with respect, and whose company I enjoy. In fact, David and I have mentioned many of our wonderful clients by name in our posts. They deserve our recognition for being great people, as well as good attorneys. Therefore, if there are any potential clients reading this post, I will conclude by saying, “To others be kind and true, just as you wish others will be to you.” RESPECT is truly a two way street.

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