Tribute to Willy

I am writing this on March 3, 2021, one of the saddest days in the long history of Magnus Research Consultants. Last night, our beloved office dog, Willy, passed away of a brain tumor. Willy was the dog of David’s and my wonderful employee and friend, Megan. For the past 7 years, Willy worked in Magnus’ headquarters once or twice a week, as his schedule permitted (he was a busy dog!). Sometimes, when his grandparents, Megan’s parents, were on vacation, Willy came to work on a daily basis. Willy celebrated every holiday and every birthday with us. We always went to a dog friendly restaurant for these celebrations so that Willy could be the life of the party. My most recent birthday was no exception; Willy was present to contribute to our fun. Sadly, both David and Megan will celebrate their March birthdays without Willy, but I am certain he will be there in spirit. David said, somewhat jokingly, that Willy was the best employee Magnus ever had because he never complained about working, he never caused any trouble in the office, and best of all, he worked happily without being paid for his time! Of all the dogs I have ever known, Willy was the best. The days when he was with us in the office were my favorite days at work. I always asked Megan, “When is Willy coming to work?” and I noticed there were more smiles on my face and a spring in my step on the days he spent with us. Willy was not an ordinary dog. He had a way to connect with everyone he met. He even had an Instagram account, appropriately named “Working Like a Dog” (after a line in The Beatles’ song “Hard Days Night”) where Megan posted cute photos and videos of Willy’s office exploits. Willy was one of a kind and there will never be another dog who can take his place in our office and our hearts. RIP Willy.

As you can tell, this dog, Willy, was truly hu(mans) best friend.  Willy and Megan were tight – she trained him well.  And, he trained her well also.  She communicated with him in his language – she knew what he was trying to tell her.  Usually things like, pay attention to me, feed me, walk me.  I’ve never had an office dog, though I’ve had lots of dogs.  Having him in the office was special.  It was a diversion, a pressure relief valve.  He clearly enjoyed being in the office, though he did little work, other than as an office therapist.  Most often, he’d be sleeping in his bed, or nearby in a quiet place, under a conference table, next to a desk – wherever the doggie spirit took him.  He was stealthy and one could find him nearby, never knowing he had entered the room.  He appeared to enjoy his co-workers (we certainly were not his bosses).  Wherever he went, including on social media, he drew attention – even for Magnus when wearing his company t-shirt!  It may have been the clothes or hats he wore, the special collars, or bow ties.  He was usually quiet, except with lawn mowers, or motorcycles – they revved him up when as they revved up.  He had 2 legged and 4 legged friends.  The postal carriers and delivery drivers were always on the look out for him.  Overall, he brought peace and happiness to our world which has so much stress and sorrow (given the horrific cases on which we worked).  We never knew what we were missing in having an office dog until he showed up.  Now, we miss his presence immensely.  He leaves a hole in many hearts.  But, his suffering has ended – all those doggie years took a toll.  Wag on Willy.  

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