At the time of this post, I am likely on vacation. After missing the opportunity to take a vacation for a couple of years, Melissa and I have been looking forward to it. The visit to this destination, Alaska, was delayed from our original plan and thus, we’ve been working on and revising the plans for months. It is difficult, as small business owners, to get away, really away, and be detached from work for any extended period of time. I’m not sure we ever can. I’ve “worked” from vacations in Hawai’i, Greece, Australia, and more, if only to reply to some emails from clients or staff. The purpose of a vacation is, to me, like rebooting a computer. Our brains need rebooting; they need to be cleared. It is a pressure release, and frees up brain cells from the stresses of daily life which recharges my brain for when I get back to work after the vacation. Permanent vacations have appeal, but I haven’t won the lottery yet. Vacations are a reward for hard work and they are good for mental health as well. Over the years, I’ve noticed some people almost apologize for vacations; I’ve felt that, at some level, when I realize how our schedule impacts our ability to work for clients at certain times. But, a vacation should not be a sign of weakness; rather, it is a sign that one is doing something healthy and productive. Bon voyage!

I will begin this post by saying I love to work!  One of my best friends, Bob, was my office mate (and co-conspirator) in graduate school.  He frequently referred to me as a “workaholic” because, invariably, when he called to find out what I was doing, I was working or studying.  I love my job and I have no plans to ride off into the sunset any time soon.  This being said, I also enjoy time when I am not working, including vacations.  David and I have taken some pretty cool vacations!  And, as a child, vacations taken with my parents were some of the best times in my life.  By the time I was 12, I had visited the lower 48 states not once, but twice, as well as Mexico and Canada.  My “What did you do this summer?” back to school reports were way better than anyone else’s!  I love to travel, including seeing amazing places, such as the inside of Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios in London; opening the curtain in my hotel room upon my arrival to Athens and seeing the Acropolis for the first time; and seeing the Grand Canyon.  I also enjoy meeting new people, experiencing cultures and customs different from my own, and in general, changing the pace of my life for a while.  (I always miss my cat, but I know he is being taken care of while I’m gone, due to the fact that his loving cat sitter moves into David’s and my house with him for the duration of our vacations.)  As long as I don’t have to “rough it,” I am ready, willing, and able to travel far and wide to have as much fun as possible!


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