We Just Laughed and Got Wet

Recently, David and I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with our dear friends, Roger and Janine. Since selling our boat, David and I have had to rely on the generosity of our friends, such as Roger and Janine, to take us for boat rides. Our boat ride and weekend visit was delayed for 6 weeks due to the pandemic, therefore, and needless to say, when the day finally came that we could enjoy some special time on the lovely Gulf of Mexico, we were eager to have some fun. On the morning of the boat ride, instead of the beautiful sunny day we had hoped for, we awoke to a dreary and cloudy day. I asked Roger if we should cancel our plans and he replied with an emphatic “No! We are going for a boat ride, just like you have been wanting to do, and we are going to have fun!” The first part of our boat ride took place under cloudy skies and windy conditions. Then the rain began. We stopped for lunch and afterwards, the rain not only continued, it began to rain harder. Having no place to take cover, we merrily continued on our long anticipated boat ride. We got wet, soaking wet. The rain pounded us so hard at times that each drop stung when it touched our skin. I asked Roger if we should cut short our plans and return to dry land sooner rather than later and once again, he replied with another emphatic “No! You have wanted to spend a day on the boat for a long time and we won’t let a little rain stop us.” So, we continued riding in the boat, from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up the gorgeous Estero River, until we couldn’t go any further, getting wet in the rain and laughing the entire way. When I mention this wonderful outing to people, some of whom obviously “don’t get it,” they ask why we didn’t go home instead of boating all day in the rain. I patiently answered by saying what I think Roger would say, “No! We just laughed and got wet!”

After 8+ weeks of being “locked down,” it was great to get out of town, as we frequently do, and even better, to visit Janine and Roger with the goal of spending time on the water.  Despite our planned day of “on the water” turning into a day “in the rain water,” we had a great time.  It was partly the freedom provided by boating, but the experience was more wonderful than ever because we were making the best of less than ideal conditions.  We didn’t let the adversity of a little rain get between us and our fun.  Of course, we were in Southwest Florida, where the weather was warm and the natural beauty is all around.  A few jumping dolphins, flying fish, pelicans, and other birds didn’t hurt either.  A knowledgeable captain and first mate  helped too! The fact that there was no lightning kept us going and smiling – while dripping wet. It is all about attitude and finding, making, and taking fun whenever possible!  Experiences like this cleanse the mind, and we really needed a refresher.  Until next time…


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