Where am I?

The last couple of months have been pretty hectic, work wise. We’ve had several out of town cases and speaking engagements for Melissa and one night I woke up thinking, “where am I?” I suspect this is a phenomenon common to many “road warriors.” To borrow a line from the band, Bad Company, “And I’m moving on, moving on from town to town…” That has been our life for well over 30 years, more so for Melissa than me, but nonetheless waking up somewhere different on a regular basis can be disorienting. Finding one’s way to the bathroom while avoiding running into unfamiliar furniture requires more concentration than when living and waking in your home bed every day. (And, it has nothing to do with what one had to drink the night before.) So, when I woke up at home after several nights on the road, and had to think about the room layout, I kind of laughed and wondered, how many people find themselves similarly situated. The tricks one’s mind can play are quite complex, even for mundane life experiences like finding the bathroom at 3:00 a.m.

I have stayed in too many hotel rooms to count in the 34 years I have been working as a trial consultant.  Most of my friends, and all of  my family members, do not travel for business and some hardly ever leave their home for a fun trip, such that they have no idea what it is like to be “moving on from town to town,” just like Mick Ralph’s lyrics in the Bad Company song.  Staying in hotels requires a certain diligence that we take for granted when we are enjoying the comforts of home.  For example, where are the closest stairs?  Having been in several hotel fires, locating the stairs is one of the first things I do when I get to my room.  Where are the light switches?  Did someone provide towels?  Is anyone hiding under the bed?  Does the door lock?  Is there an adjoining room and if so, are both doors locked?  These are just a sample of things I need to know.  As for finding the bathroom, I always bring a night light so that I can see my way through the hotel room in the dark.  Those room darkening curtains really work!  Bumping into furniture is something to be avoided at any time of day or night.  While other people are safely ensconced in their cocoon, I, like the Bad Company song says, will be “Moving on. I never seem to slow down.” If you haven’t heard this great song in a while, play it and think of David and me!


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